I am a lifelong resident of Cheyenne with 20 plus years in construction and currently a Field Service Engineer for a major medical manufacturer, going on 15 years, My wife Keri has lived in Cheyenne for 23 years and has been a Special Education Teacher in the district the same amount of time. We are Proud members of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of commerce.

Now relating to our new business.

Our mobile equipment is leading the industry in surface preparation, it is fast, effective, environmentally friendly and capable of removing a variety of coatings from almost any surface. With our dustless process during blasting, water encapsulates abrasive, and coating being removed preventing them from becoming airborne and the water adds mass and energy making dustless blasting more powerful and effective than traditional blasting. However, we are able to switch between dustless and traditional blasting quick and easily depending on the surface and area being treated.

With the many abrasives available we can remove coatings from a surface as hard as steel, as soft as wood and as delicate as glazed tile.

With our mobile unit we can come to you and help you revitalize that historic brick or stone covered in layers of paint, remove that graffiti, restore that wrought iron or steel railing instead of replacing it, Strip that restoration project and get a fresh start for that classic car or hot rod, remove those parking lot stripes, clean and deodorize those walls and ceilings after fire or smoke damage, Strip prime and paint that worn out looking utility, cargo or horse trailer.

So give us a call and see what we can help restore for you, we would be happy to come and give you a free estimate!

Big or small, residential, or commercial!